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EFFECTIVE 7/1/2020:

Candidates MUST use only DISINFECTING WIPES during the practical exams.

Spray disinfectants will not NOT be permitted.


NIC(the developer of the exam) realizes that supplies such as hand sanitizer, disinfectant wipes and antiseptic are limited or unavailable and that this may have an impact on testing. NIC has authorized all of our test centers to accept anything that is the "best attempt" or "simulated product" of these supplies. Any candidate that does not have proper hand sanitizer, disinfectant wipes and/or antiseptic, they will not be deducted points on a temporary basis.

If you are unable to get disinfecting wipes you can simulate this and you will not be deducted points. You can simulate disinfectant wipes by using wet paper towels in a plastic, ziplock-type bag. You will want to make sure to still print off the manufacturer's label and put it on the bag as though there are real disinfectant wipes inside, and you will use them just as though they are disinfectant wipes.

Please note, during these temporary grading procedures, spray disinfectants are still NOT permitted.

Hand sanitizer can also be simulated. You can bring a bottle labeled "hand sanitizer" and you can fill it with whatever simulated product you want (water, lotion, etc.) and then just use it or you can pretend to use it as though it is actual hand sanitizer.

Antiseptic may also be simulated.

These are temporary grading procedures. Please check our website prior to your exam to confirm these temporary grading procedures are still in effect. We will post an update 1-week prior to the expiration of these grading procedures.

All candidates are required to wear a face mask for their practical and written examinations.  If you show up to your scheduled examination without a face mask you will NOT be permitted to test and you will be required to reschedule and repay.

For states that require models: Models will also be required to wear a mask. If your model is not wearing a mask they will not be permitted into the exam. Please refer to the Candidate Handbook/CIB for information regarding whether your state requires models.

If you have any questions, you can contact us here.